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Domestic Bliss | Staycation in Paradise

Last year was weird. Staycations were popular. We feel restricted, drained, anxious, bored. We are tired of endless video calls and virtual meetings that only require us to be dressed from the waist up and phrases like “unprecedented times” and “the new normal”. We feel marooned, adrift. This year things will likely get weirder.

But wait, BVI friends. While we may be all those things, let us not forget where we are stranded: in paradise. And not in a Tom Hanks / Castaway type scenario where the only immediate connection we will forge will be with a volleyball. But in a #welivewhereyouvacation kind of way. So while your international travel plans might spend another year on the shelf, you live in the best possible location for a glorious, deeply restorative staycation that will likely be much more rejuvenating than venturing afar.

Simpler and Safer

Planning an international vacation often involves exhaustive research across multiple websites for the best deals, the most direct flights with the easiest connections, not to mention visa investigation and application. Phew! In comparison, very little research (read on!) is all you need for the best staycation around. The absence of airports and flights not only vastly reduces ones’ exposure to pandemic unpleasantness, but also eliminates the most stressful aspect of international travel – the passport. In a recent Forbes article, lifestyle journalist Duncan Madden writes that men are more than twice as likely to forget their passports than women. Need I say more on the matter?

Staycations are Cheaper

Budget – always a consideration, often a constraint, especially in these “unprecedented times”. But once you take flights out of the equation, a week-long five-star vacation is suddenly much more within your reach. You can also cancel out costs for rental cars, excess luggage, taxi cabs and the several hundred dollars you are bound to spend at Duty Free on magazines and cute travel-sized cosmetics and pillows that wrap around your neck that you’re likely to leave onboard anyway.

A Home Away from Home. Literally.

The beauty of the staycation is that you can dive directly into the lap of luxury just a few minutes from home, giving a whole new meaning to the “home away from home” concept. While you may feel a million miles away, you are in fact a mere stone’s throw from the things you dearly miss should anything go awry – your family physician, your trusted pharmacy, your dog-sitter, your comfort zone. Talk about true peace of mind.

Staycations make the best surprises

It’s February. Love is in the air. This Valentine’s Day forget flowers, surprise parties and heart-shaped boxes of questionable-quality candy. Very little says I love and appreciate you more than a luxurious stay at a first-class resort. We’re talking significant brownie points here.

Speaking of which…

Oil Nut Bay, the BVI’s premier resort, is offering staycation specials for all BVI residents. From today through March 21st, enjoy a decadent 40% discount on the resort’s ultra-romantic Cliff Suites and Bay Suites. If you’re smart and picked up on the brownie points mention, you will want to (immediately) book your stay for the weekend of February 12th to 15th, during which you can add a little something special to your stay with the inclusion of ice-cold prosecco and strawberries on arrival, a romantic Valentine’s a dinner for two at Nova, and a couple’s massage. Love in the time of corona just got a whole lot more appealing.

For more information or reservations please reach out to info@oilnutbay.com


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