Oil Nut Bay is among the most scenic areas in the British Virgin Islands. The best times to visit Oil Nut Bay can vary based on one’s temperament and desires. For off-season travel and enjoyment of drier or wetter conditions, there are particular times when one should visit.


The northeasterly trade winds that blow through and the sea’s moderating influence along the Gulf Stream make most times the best time of year to visit Oil Nut Bay. The winter season tends to be dry and sunny, which is during the period of November to April. Those whose lungs are more comfortable in drier climates tend to do better during this time. The summer period, by contrast, tends to be a bit muggier and the rainfall is greater. If one enjoys humidity or may suffer from dry skin, coming here during the season between May and October is one of the best times to visit Oil Nut Bay.


The best times to visit Oil Nut Bay for temperature tend to depend on personal preference. The summer months sport temperatures between 80 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit or 26 to 31 Celsius. By contrast, the winter months are a more placid 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit, or 22 to 28 Celsius. The best time of year to visit Oil Nut Bay depends on whether one enjoys balmy days of lounging or a more active and adventurous lifestyle on the island.

Rainfall One Should Expect

Rainfall tends to happen the most during the summer months in the BVI. With a fairly dry winter, this season is a popular time to visit for many people. The lowest month is usually February or March, with rainfall for an entire month of around 50 mm. The average monthly rainfall tends to spike at around 125 mm in April, with levels often rising over 150 mm per month between September and November.

One’s Private Island

In truth, the best times to visit Oil Nut Bay are when one wants to get away. Since the area is only accessible by helicopter or boat, Oil Nut Bay very much feels like a private island with astonishing views of nearing islands. The Beach Club, Business Center, and massage and spa area make Oil Nut Bay a place to remember and never forget. If you are looking for an amazing location to visit or live once you retire, Oil Nut Bay is surely heaven on earth. Lottie also offers more information on things you can do and engage in after retirement.