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Introducing “Odyssey”: Sail into Serenity with Oil Nut Bay’s Newest Marvel

Sweep away the stress of travel and dive into the heart of luxury with Oil Nut Bay’s latest addition to offerings, the “Odyssey.” This magnificent new vessel is so much more than a mode of transport—it’s the beginning of your escape to paradise, as well as the perfect way to cap it off on your departure.

With the capacity to seat 22 guests in utter comfort, “Odyssey” ensures that your journey is as memorable as our breathtaking destination itself. Each seat is a promise of relaxation, and every moment aboard is a celebration of life’s little luxuries. The yacht’s spacious interior design includes a private compartment, meticulously crafted to stow and protect even large quantities of luggage, ensuring that your personal effects are handled with the same care and luxury you’ll experience throughout your stay on the island.

As you step aboard the “Odyssey,” your seamless transfer from the airport will be a mere prelude to the bespoke experiences that await you during your stay. In fact, the yacht is your first taste of all that is to come. “Odyssey” truly is your passage to the extraordinary.

Come experience the art of arrival—reimagined. Welcome aboard “Odyssey,” where every nautical mile is steeped in the finer things. This can be the start of your Oil Nut Bay story.


Contact us for more information on “Odyssey” and how to arrange travel for your stay.

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