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Robinson O’Neal Primary School Re-Opens

September 30th, 2018

Kicking off the academic year in an upscale elementary institution beautifully designed by OBMI, students and teachers of the Robinson O’Neal Primary School (ROMPS) are excited and fully prepped to face this fall semester. ROMPS was reconstructed by Creative Group BVI and rebuilt with the generous donations of the North Sound Foundation, founded by David and Pamela Johnson, after being hard hit by the Hurricanes of 2017.

Only 7 Months after breaking ground, The Robinson O’Neal Primary School is now beautifully rebuilt to be a fully functional smart school. Each classroom has been equipped with air-conditioning and outfitted with desks, chairs, books, learning puzzles and games, posters and much more. Now re-built to have concrete roofs and a covered courtyard, students can feel safe and prepared for any weather.

Members of the community came out in numbers to view the smart school as it officially re-opened on September 15th, 2018. 2 weeks later, students are settled in and can be heard laughing and learning in the North Sound.

The North Sound Foundation would like to thank all of the generous hearts whose donations made this possible.

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