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Stand Up Paddle Boarding

December 7th, 2015

SUP? No not the casual slang, what’s up. In the Caribbean, this is the common terminology used for stand up paddle boarding.

Not only is SUP a phenomenal full body workout, but it’s also a wonderful and popular practice in the turquoise and warm BVI waters. Whether you kneel or stand up, you use a paddle to propel yourself through the water. Be careful not to wear your arms out, but instead use your core to push yourself in whatever direction you feel!

This season there is a new Weekly Oil Nut Bay Activities Schedule. Included are off-site excursions, such as our Snorkel Trip, and on-site services like Parent’s Night Out, and an additional childcare service we provide weekly.

Want to try your hand at stand up paddle boarding? Join our lovely guest assistants for a Down Winder. Leave from the Oil Nut Bay beach and follow them for a guided tour.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

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