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Oil Nut Bay | Discovery Tours

October 1st, 2020

Yours to Discover

Investing in real estate sight unseen is something you frequently hear about these days. A frozen economy and volatile stock market have resulted in people seeking out more secure forms of investment from the comfort and safety of their existing homes. And while virtual viewings and 360-degree cameras have made it entirely possible to buy a vacation villa in Vieques without walking out your front door in Fort Worth, some remain (uncomfortable) uncomfortable with this course of action. Oil Nut Bay understands this.

Because investing in real estate at Oil Nut Bay goes beyond bricks and mortar and doors and floors. It is an investment in a lifestyle, a community, a way of thinking. It is a commitment to an experience that needs to be felt to be fully understood. Absolute safety and seclusion, the air so pure, water so clear, and stars so bright that they need to be breathed and touched and seen to be believed. Some places fundamentally change us and the way we see the world. Oil Nut Bay is one such destination.

Investing in Real Estate

And so, you are invited to spend five days and four nights discovering just what investing in real estate at ONB is all about. To live and breathe and touch and feel how your very existence will certainly alter once Oil Nut Bay becomes a permanent fixture in your life.

Accommodation comes in the form of the property’s breathtaking cliff-side Penthouse. It includes a comprehensive property discovery tour as well as time with visionary developer David Victor Johnson himself. Oil Nut Bay encompasses 400 glorious acres and is surprisingly diverse in its offerings.

The property has been painstakingly divided into eight unique neighborhoods that have their own personality and mood. While a home right on the beach seems like the natural and only choice when purchasing property in the Caribbean, the plunging cliffs and crashing waves of the Wild Side neighborhoods offer an exceptional experience of their own. The deeply peaceful rustic atmosphere of the Estate Lots and the buzz and bustle of the Marina Village and surrounding custom villas are likely to leave you with a lot to think about. The Oil Nut Bay Sales Team is there to answer every question and walk you through every scenario. More Lifestyle Consultants than Sales Agents, they are genuinely invested in helping you find your perfect match.

Your fully customizable stay also includes some neighborhood exploration. Often referred to as the “Billionaire’s Belt,” Oil Nut Bay’s notable neighbors include Sir Richard Branson, owner of Necker and Moskito Islands, and Larry Page, owner of Eustatia, all experts in investing in real estate. Beyond these islands lies the breathtaking archipelago of the BVI. Oil Nut Bay is a perfectly positioned launch pad to explore each of these inimitable islands, their shores and forests, their signature dishes, cocktails, unique cultures, and customs.

Oil Nut Bay is a way of life. It will shift your perspective, stir your senses and touch your soul in a way that few places can. But don’t take our word for it. Dare to discover.

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