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Diving & Snorkeling at Oil Nut Bay

April 17th, 2015

For many, diving & snorkeling at Oil Nut Bay creates the type of memories that give purpose to those lonely evenings slaving away in the office. The hope of again escaping to this submersed veritable wonderland makes this exclusive property the favorite of many visitors who make the trek to the BVI’s again and again.

Even arriving at the luxurious property of Oil Nut Bay is a study in anticipation, requiring a short trip by boat or helicopter. This sets the senses and expectations for a time of separation from the quotidian of everyday life, and allows one to dabble in the extravagance of true elegance and unequaled luxury.

Those who are privileged to step ashore at this one-of-a-kind BVI resort find the comfort, safety and solitude they expect and deserve. There is no need to list the amenities and services since they are comprehensive and without equal. Of course, for the subaqueous activities that draw so many, the sea life surrounding the island fills the full palette of nature’s artistry.

Snorkeling at Oil Nut Bay is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The caves found on Virgin Gorda allow a sense of adventure and discovery while enjoying interaction with a stunning array of gentle underwater fish and other aquatic life. The Baths boast of a remarkable grouping of boulders and underwater routes that allow you to coast along in pristine, crystal waters lighted by a glimmering cast of brilliant sunlight. The only difficult thing about diving & snorkeling at Oil Nut Bay is realizing you don’t have your own gills and fins and having to return to shore.

Fortunately, that reluctant leaving of the subterranean world of Oil Nut Bay is readily made more endurable when you are immersed in an evening blanket of glittering stars. Dining under the soft moonlight and the gentle night will help you recover for yet another day snorkeling at Oil Nut Bay.

Snorkeling at Oil Nut Bay

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