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Why Purchase BVI Luxury Real Estate

February 14th, 2015

Oil Nut Bay in Virgin Gorda offers freehold ownership of BVI luxury real estate. Invest in one of our fantastic villas or build on one of our ready to develop properties and enjoy a timeless vacation home for generations to come.

With a cluster of 60 islands dotted across the Caribbean Sea, the British Virgin Islands is known for its amazing people, natural beauty, and world-class sailing. Political stability, tax benefits for non-residents, and freehold ownership of BVI luxury real estate add to the many reasons to invest in property at Oil Nut Bay.

Why Purchase BVI Luxury Real Estate?

  • The third-largest island in the BVI, Virgin Gorda invites you to discover the island’s stunning beaches, quiet coves, and unparalleled beauty. 
  • Azure seas play host to gentle breezes and protected anchorages that have long made the BVI a prime destination for sailing and yachting enthusiasts
  • Temperatures are moderated by trade winds and rarely drop below 77ºF (25º C) in the winter or rise above 82º F (28º C) in the summer.
  • Rainfall averages 40 inches per year
  • The islands feature a rich mixture of spectacular topography. Anegada, the northernmost island, is formed from coral and limestone, while other islands, including Virgin Gorda, are mountainous, offering scenic vistas and views
  • The pristine waters and breezes of the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea offer a playground for boaters
  • Virgin Gorda is at the high end of the real estate market, influenced by the halo effect of luxury destination resorts, including Biras Creek Resort and Little Dix Bay
  • The BVI features one of the most established and prosperous economies in the Caribbean
  • Tourism and financial services are the preeminent economic drivers 
  • No income, corporate or personal tax in the BVI
  • No withholding tax, sales tax, value-added tax, capital gains tax, capital transfer tax, estate duty, inheritance tax, or succession tax

Buy BVI luxury real estate in Virgin Gorda and let Oil Nut Bay provide you and your family with a world-class lifestyle.

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