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Ocean Villas | Enlightened Evolution

Oil Nut Bay Introduces Innovative Ocean Villas

Henry Bergson once said: “To exist is to change, to change is to mature, and to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.” Such growth is a continuing journey, feared by most, and boldly embraced by some. At Oil Nut Bay, intrepid evolution is standard practice.

Visionary developer David Victor Johnson and his pioneering team continue to work beyond the boundaries of what has been considered possible in the past. The most recent of these evolutionary innovations come in the community’s latest luxury home collection, the Ocean Villas.

Zero Setback

In a tropical location such as the BVI’s, oceanfront property is the most desirable land to acquire. Whether you plan on a private vacation home or an attractive rental property, Oil Nut Bay’s Ocean Villas make an excellent investment.

Strategically positioned at the ocean’s edge with zero setbacks, these fantastic vacation homes are unlike anything you will experience anywhere in the Caribbean.

Floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows frame endless ocean views and open up to an expansive overwater deck and sparkling infinity swimming pool. Calming coastal color palettes perfectly paired with elegant beach-inspired accents for an entirely soothing and serene setting.

Each property can accommodate a three to four bedroom home with uninterrupted views of the sea. Accenting your vacation home are lushly landscaped gardens surrounding each property, providing the utmost seclusion. A total of eight homesites are planned, with two luxury homes already built. Oil Nut Bay is breaking ground on three more beautiful developer-designed luxury ocean villas, leaving the last three lots available and ready to create your ultimate luxury vacation home.

Art and Science

“Everything I do is a combination of art and science,” says David Johnson. Sustainability, social responsibility, and maintaining the integrity of natural surroundings sit at the heart of everything he does. He has demonstrated this commitment to conscientious construction time and time again.

In 2009, Mr. Johnson was presented the GEM Visionary Award by Global Electric Motors. In 2003, his world-renowned Michigan development, Bay Harbor, was awarded the prestigious Award of Excellence by the Urban Land Institute for excellence in design, planning, and development. Hailed Environmentalist of the Year by the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and as the 2006 Developer of the Year by the Building Industry Association, David Johnson’s Ocean Villas collection is a fantastic addition to his repertoire.

Fronted by inner and outer coral reefs, this neighborhood’s positioning was meticulously considered to protect the environment. The coral ranges provide more than just exceptional snorkeling opportunities, acting as buffers, they protect the shoreline against waves, storms, and hurricanes. Oil Nut Bay is all about sustainable coastal development that protects sensitive ecosystems and the residents that call it home.

As with all Oil Nut Bay residents, homeowners enjoy full access to all that the resort offers. First-rate amenities, world-class dining, health and wellness facilities, to name a few, are available and ready to pamper you. Contact us today to find out more about these exclusive villas.

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