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Introducing Our New Wellness Manager and Services

At Oil Nut Bay, we believe that true luxury is about more than simply indulging in the finest things. It’s also about prioritizing your wellbeing in every aspect of your stay, whether you’re a first-time visitor to the resort or an owner of your own exceptional villa. In fact, no matter the duration of your stay, our commitment to wellness is reflected in every detail of your experience, from the nourishing cuisine at our restaurants to the wide selection of fitness offerings and restorative in-villa spa treatments available at your request.

In today’s exceedingly fast-paced world, stress and anxiety have become all too common, which is why we offer a true sanctuary where you can escape the demands of daily life and focus on restoring your inner balance. Our team of experienced wellness experts will guide you on a journey toward rejuvenation, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. At Oil Nut Bay, we believe that by nurturing ourselves, we can all truly appreciate the beauty and magic of this extraordinary place we call home.

Explore Our Wellness Offerings

From fitness instruction in our Wellness Center to curated experiences across the island—and beyond—our holistic approach to wellness begins with nurturing the physical body. Here is just a small sampling of what we have on offer throughout the spring and summer.


Blend of resistance circuits in the ultimate outdoor gym—the beach. Designed with a “raw” approach to fitness, we incorporate the natural environment into many of the exercises during this dynamic workout to bring out your true grit. 60 mins; $25 for guests or $15 for homeowners.


Low-impact class focused on creating long, lean muscle while improving postural alignment. 60 mins; $25 for guests or $15 for homeowners.


Bursts of dynamic sports performance-inspired exercises followed by short but sweet periods of rest. The result is a fat-blasting, metabolism-boosting workout that sculpts and tones the entire body. 60 mins; $25 for guests or $15 for homeowners.


Calling all runners, joggers, and even walkers: this community-building activity will motivate you to pick up the pace and keep your fitness goals on track. 60 mins; complimentary.


Not your typical bar crawl—this workout involves a light jog across Oil Nut Bay, stopping at various scenic locations for a series of exercises designed to transform your body through high-repetition, low-impact resistance training. 90 mins; $40 for guests or $25 for homeowners.


This all-levels Vinyasa class is designed as a moving meditation to cultivate greater self-awareness, presence, and gratitude, so that you may embody the best version of yourself on and off the mat. 60 mins; $25 for guests or $15 for homeowners.

And this is just a taste of our wellness offerings. There’s so much more to do at Oil Nut Bay, from yoga, HIIT and functional training to health coaching, guided meditation, Reiki and more. Contact us directly to request the full fitness and wellness menu available during your stay. If it’s good for the body, you’re sure to find it here.

Introducing Our New Wellness Manager

Oil Nut Bay is renowned for its commitment to wellness, offering a wide range of exclusive services that nurture the mind, body, and soul. With such an array of offerings, it takes a truly exceptional leader to ensure that guests receive the best possible experience. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our new Wellness Manager, Anastasia Meimaroglou.

Get to know a bit more about Anastasia in her own words:

“I’m Anastasia, Oil Nut Bay’s new Wellness Manager, as well as a passionate Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Meditation Teacher, and Reiki Master.

For over 13 years, I’ve worked within the luxury hospitality industry in world-class destinations with a track record of influencing the satisfaction and return business of ultra high net worth and celebrity clientele. I see everyday what a fundamental role providing guests and owners with fun, dynamic fitness activities alongside relaxing, restorative yoga, and holistic self-care rituals can be for a high-end resort’s success. After all, health is the ultimate luxury.

My integrative approach to Health & Wellness combines a vast knowledge of nutrition and the human sciences alongside intentional and compassionate massage therapy, intuitive energy work, one-on-one and group fitness and pilates classes, yoga, meditation, breath work, health coaching and mentorship. I’ve seen time and time again that this well-rounded harmony of offerings allows the body to more rapidly and effectively restore balance, improve health deviations, and decrease pain and compensations the natural way so that the mental, emotional, and spiritual health may follow. The resulting synchronicity of body, mind, heart and soul ultimately facilitates profound transformations and holistic wellbeing from the inside out. It’s a completely bespoke experience for owners and guests alike.

I am passionate about building rapport with everyone here at Oil Nut Bay, investing my heart into their journeys, giving special attention to each individual’s specific preferences, and meeting them at their ability levels. I hold space, honoring each individual’s unique circumstance without judgment, empowering them to fully decompress and rediscover their best selves.”

Anastasia brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the role, and we’re excited to have her lead the way in delivering exceptional wellness services at Oil Nut Bay. Stop by the Wellness Center to welcome her during your next visit to the island, or schedule an appointment to meet with her directly for a customized wellness consultation all your own.

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