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BVI Borders to Reopen to Visitors

September 22nd, 2020

BVI Borders Reopen

It’s official! BVI borders reopen to visitors on December 1st, 2020. Here at Oil Nut Bay, the excitement and anticipation is palpable. And whilst we are fielding calls and emails and telegrams and carrier pigeon reservation requests, we thought it might be a good time to remind you why you too should be sending word to us to secure your vacation dates.

Life is forever altered and Oil Nut Bay was built for this new world order.

Oil Nut Bay is secluded. Situated on the most northeastern tip of Virgin Gorda in the beautiful North Sound, the property is only accessible by boat or helicopter. Our destination is exceptionally private and incredibly safe. Our vacation villas are few and far between. Each has its own swimming pool, private grounds and sequestered outdoor entertainment space, and are fully equipped with every amenity you and your family could need to enjoy a thoroughly luxurious and independent escape.

Oil Nut Bay is connected. With property-wide fiber optic internet, your connectivity to the outside world is seamless. Check in, up and on the office and colleagues, family and friends, stream, zoom, chat, GoTo – there is nothing you cannot do from the safety and seclusion of your luxury vacation villa.

Oil Nut Bay can be reached privately. Oil Nut Bay is now offering concierge Air Desk Services in partnership with Tropic Ocean Airways, our newest aviation partner. Guests are invited to work with a dedicated customer service team to curate a travel itinerary beginning at their point of departure and ending at Oil Nut Bay; a true door to shore travel service! Guests are given options for commercial flights, private aircraft, sea plane charter, helicopter or boat all based upon their schedule requirements, budget and travel needs.

Oil Nut Bay is for family. During our enforced confinement, we leant on those with which we were held captive and deeply missed those whose faces we were only able to see on screen. Without a doubt, our corona-imposed quarantine has reinforced the importance of family and the value of time together. Oil Nut Bay is truly a multi-generational destination offering something-for-any-age-group activities. It is the ideal place to share with those closest to you.

Oil Nut Bay is food for the soul. The loss of personal freedom and confinement our changed world has brought with it a recharged appreciation of life’s simple pleasures – sunshine, wind and starlight, a walk on the beach, sailing to a remote island, a soak in the ocean. Oil Nut Bay was built in absolute harmony with its surrounds. The resort and surrounding environment are ripe with wholesome pursuits that can be enjoyed independently or at a safe distance from others. Hiking, snorkeling, diving, kitesurfing, kayaking, fishing, yoga – luxurious pastimes that ensure a meaningful, soothing escape to soak up the sun, fill your lungs with fresh air, and blow away the cobwebs of confinement.

Simply put, Oil Nut Bay is the savvy choice for the discerning traveler. Get in touch today to secure your escape. We are ready for you.

BVI Borders Reopen

Jania Drakes

Reservations & Leisure Sales Manager



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