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NATURAL luxury

Committed to creating a sustainable luxury community that preserves the natural integrity and beauty of the island, Oil Nut Bay remains steadfast in its mission to nurture both the land and its people. Through flawless execution, Oil Nut Bay not only represents a pristine paradise of today but can also ensure that its idyllic setting is sustainable for families for generations to come.

Artful Conception &
Eco-Friendly Execution

With only 180 home sites spread out across over 400 acres, 50% of the land at Oil Nut Bay remains designated as open space; through sustainable and low-density planning, each property can celebrate the diverse topography of the island and highlight its majestic sea views.

Oil Nut Bay’s state-of-the-art infrastructure—complete with a network of underground utilities—makes for ready-to-build sites that are consciously developed with careful consideration of both the natural landscape and homeowners alike. Thoughtful architectural guidelines include the use of natural building materials and colors to protect the beauty, coherence, and value of all properties.

eco-friendly Sustainable Features

Extreme low-density planning with only 180 villa sites over 400 acres

Environmental team available to assist owners and architects in designing homes that are in harmony with nature

Carefully developed and constructed underground utilities ensure no interference with land and sea

Green energy guidelines are maintained to ensure the conservation of natural resources

Sustainable solar panels are discretely installed on rooftops

Solar power generates electricity used for desalination water plants, air conditioning, refrigeration, hot water, community lighting, and more

Extensive water management includes desalination, reverse osmosis conversion, and the sustainable use of collected rain and greywater for use in landscape irrigation


The community structures at Oil Nut Bay are currently being built to LEED energy standards, which is based on a Green Building Rating System developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which provides a suite of standards for the environmentally sustainable design, construction and operation of buildings and neighborhoods.

Residents at our eco-friendly Caribbean development are highly encouraged to design and build their homes to the LEED energy standards. To assist in these efforts, Oil Nut Bay’s Environmental Team will advise residents and their builders how to plan and build structures that maintain the highest levels of energy efficiency.

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