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On Tap with an App

March 13th, 2020

It seems there’s not much in life that cannot be done without the right smartphone app, and now included on Oil Nut Bay’s list – right beneath controlling the speed of your home’s custom-crafted waterfall – is dialing in your morning cup of joe at the Pavilion. Behold the TopBrewer Scanomat – a Danish-designed under the counter coffee machine that grinds and brews each cup individually, and all in under 15 seconds no less. We timed it.

Above counter sits a sleek stainless steel spout that not only delivers your beverage, but is also capable of frothing milk and automatically dispensing it to drinks when applicable. Just beneath this fancy faucet sits a discreet drain for washing away excess spills and thrills. And beneath this sits the machine itself, integrated into the counter unit. Twin grinders give the ultimate grind for perfect extraction, producing different types of coffee, one after the other. Unlike most coffee-makers that continuously draw power to keep the coffee hot, the TopBrewer shuts off completely when not in use. Once dialed into action, this highly sophisticated piece of machinery goes from zero to hero in a mere 45 seconds. Again, we timed it.

The TopBrewer is uniquely designed to be smartphone and tablet compatible, working seamlessly with both iOS and Android devices via a free download. The TopBrewer also works with your Apple Watch, so you’re always just a tap away from your favorite drink. Espresso, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Affogata – whatever your pleasure this oh-so sexy system has the right brew for the whole crew.

A big Oil Nut Bay thank you to long-time friends of Oil Nut Bay, Kim, Nina, Sebastian & Frederik Vibe Peterson for donating this piece of equipment that makes your daily routine not so ordinary.

Topbrewer coffee maker

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