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June 9th, 2020

Travel Experts Talking Trends

Found in the pristine British Virgin Islands, Oil Nut Bay offers resort living across a range of private, uber-luxury villas, and owner, David V. Johnson, agrees with travel experts that the industry faces big changes ahead.

“The world is a different place, and the days of worry-free travel are sadly behind us. As a destination, we must be able to guarantee people their health and safety. We must be able to offer people options from which they can chose – whether that is total social distancing or different levels of contact with others,” he says.

“At Oil Nut Bay, our primary focus is on the usability of our waters, as well as activities that promote health and well being, including kayaking, snorkeling, diving, fishing, hiking, tennis, and pickle ball. People will also, now more than ever, demand top-notch technology and online connectivity. All these elements sit at the very core of Oil Nut Bay – we are remote, luxury living with everything you need to stay connected.”

What’s more, travel experts have always know the British Virgin Islands as a very safe place to visit. Our staff are well-informed and experienced in preventative measures and best practices when it comes to health and safety. Our wellness-focused lifestyle and stunning surrounds – combined with our state-of-the-art technology – I think makes us very appealing.

In terms of future trends – we see that it is all about long-term rentals. We expect to see a boom in ownership of villas that will then become rental homes. No-one wants to stay in bedrooms with a nightly turnover, or come into constant contact with housekeeping and concierge staff. In a long-term rental home you have your own kitchen, laundry, office – a fully-equipped home-from-home.”

Johnson also agrees with travel experts predicting a slow down in travel: “I believe that this is one of the most significant changes we will see over the next few years. There will be a ten-year stagnation in business travel. Vacationers won’t go to lots of different places in a year. They will find a place they love and know is safe and they will return to enjoy it, confident and secure in its predictability. People will choose a place that has the right facilities to assure them a healthy visit – a meaningful, remote, safe experience. Travel will be all about quality over quantity, and that is precisely what we are all about.”

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Travel experts tell us the latest trends

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