• Solar power generates electricity for desalination plants, air conditioning, refrigeration, hot water, community lighting and more.
  • Extensive water-management planning includes reverse osmosis conversion and use of collected rain and grey water.
  • Solar panels discretely installed on rooftops.
  • Conversion of seawater via a reverse regenerative osmosis process to fresh water for drinking, showering and for use in swimming pools.
  • Most domestic hot water will be heated by solar energy, with electric heating as backup.
  • To minimize the amount of electricity used for water production, collected rain and grey water from sinks, showers, and other non-salt water waste sources are collected and treated for use in watering the landscape.
  • Road, pathway, dock and landscape lights are solar-powered.
  • Carefully developed and constructed underground utilities network throughout ensures no interference to land and sea.


The vision of Oil Nut Bay is to create a sustainable luxury resort community that is built in harmony with nature. Oil Nut Bay is committed to acting as a caretaker for this exquisite land and its people – dedicated to ensuring this pristine setting is available to families for generations to come.

Oil Nut Bay supports the larger community and actively builds relationships to preserve and protect the environmental integrity of the land. Partnerships with the North Sound Foundation and the Community Stewardship Organization (CSO) provide educational opportunities for environmental learning to promote and sustain the ecology of Oil Nut Bay and Virgin Gorda at large.


Oil Nut Bay community structures are currently being built to LEED energy standards. LEED certification is based on a Green Building Rating System developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) which provides a suite of standards for the environmentally sustainable design, construction and operation of buildings and neighborhoods.

Residents at our eco-friendly Caribbean development are highly encouraged to design and build their homes to the LEED energy standards. To assist in these efforts, Oil Nut Bay’s Environmental Team will advise residents and their builders about how to plan and build structures to the highest levels of energy efficiency.


Oil Nut Bay is fortunate to be able to access the knowledge and expertise of visionary Dr. Larry Oswald as Environmental Team Leader. Dr. Oswald spent the last 10 years at the Chrysler Corporation as CEO of Chrysler’s Global Electric Motorcars LLC (GEM) subsidiary, growing GEM into a successful and profitable electric vehicle business, with nearly 37,000 vehicles sold worldwide during this time.


As part of its ongoing dedication to the BVI, Victor International is proud to engage people and communities by embracing and protecting the environment, encouraging environmental stewardship, and by providing ecological, scientific, and educational opportunities to the residents of Oil Nut Bay.