David V. Johnson

Victor International


Oil Nut Bay developer and chairman of Victor International Corporation, David V. Johnson spent 10 years touring the world before concluding that the stunning beauty and political stability of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands was the perfect location for his family community of luxury homes. Johnson’s passion to create a development of luxury homes in the Caribbean has come to life with meticulous attention to detail and environmental integrity at Oil Nut Bay.

Born from the same environmentally-sound development philosophy of Johnson’s previous communities, Oil Nut Bay is receiving international recognition from prestigious publications like the Robb Report 2013 Best of the Best and the Financial Times. Recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young, Johnson is consistently featured in world-class publications.

Victor International is an internationally-respected luxury real estate developer with a commitment to creating unique living environments that exist in sociological and ecological harmony with the land. With a 30-year history of integrity and a strong focus on creating one development at a time, Victor International has created more than 40 developments throughout its history, including the Urban Land Institute’s Award of Excellence winner, Bay Harbor, Michigan. This $1 billion, 1,200-acre luxury resort community extends along five miles of Lake Michigan. Victor International has also created Turtle Lake, a premier, $400 million low-density private community in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Victor International is also visionary developer of the superyacht marina and yacht club, YCCS Virgin Gorda, in the North Sound, British Virgin Islands.

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