Oil Nut Bay developer and Chairman of Victor International Corporation, David V. Johnson, not only set out to create an exclusive collection of properties for those who dreamed of a luxury lifestyle in the Caribbean, but also envisioned a place that he himself would call home. Johnson’s decade-long search for an idyllic locale for Oil Nut Bay speaks to his personal investment in the distinctive community—an investment that goes well beyond lending his name and artful expertise and is, instead, rooted in the dream of creating a distinctive home base in a sustainable, private island paradise.

Our visionary team of top-tier industry experts represents the core of the Oil Nut Bay experience. From our executive group to our employees, our team remains steadfast in its commitment to provide our clients with a level of service that is commensurate with the development itself. We feel fortunate for the opportunity to work on-site, interacting with the most unique clientele in the most spectacular locale in the world. Maintaining a sustainable luxury resort community that exists in harmony with Virgin Gorda’s natural environment, and that also meets the distinct needs of our residents and guests, is at the forefront of our mission. Our impeccable team is dedicated to helping our clients create lasting memories and treasured experiences here at Oil Nut Bay.

Share in our Vision of Sustainable Luxury

Committed to creating a sustainable luxury community that preserves the natural integrity and beauty of the island, Oil Nut Bay remains steadfast in its mission to nurture both the land and its people. Through flawless execution, Oil Nut Bay not only represents a pristine paradise of today but can also ensure that its idyllic setting is available to families for generations to come.

Artful Conception &
Eco-Friendly Execution

With only 117 home sites spread out across over 400 acres, 50% of the land at Oil Nut Bay remains designated as open space; through low-density planning, each property can celebrate the diverse topography of the island and highlight its majestic sea views.

Oil Nut Bay’s state-of-the-art infrastructure—complete with a network of underground utilities—makes for ready-to-build sites that are consciously developed with careful consideration of both the natural landscape and homeowners alike. Thoughtful architectural guidelines include the use of natural building materials and colors to protect the beauty, coherence, and value of all properties.

Sustainability Through Smart Design

The community structures at Oil Nut Bay are currently being built to LEED energy standards, which is based on a Green Building Rating System developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which provides a suite of standards for the environmentally sustainable design, construction and operation of buildings and neighborhoods.

Residents at our eco-friendly Caribbean development are highly encouraged to design and build their homes to the LEED energy standards. To assist in these efforts, Oil Nut Bay’s Environmental Team will advise residents and their builders how to plan and build structures that maintain the highest levels of energy efficiency.

eco-friendly solutions

Extreme low-density planning with only 117 villa sites over 400 acres

Environmental team available to assist owners and architects in designing homes that are in harmony with nature

Carefully developed and constructed underground utilities ensure no interference with land and sea

Green energy guidelines are maintained to ensure the conservation of natural resources

Solar panels are discretely installed on rooftops

Solar power generates electricity used for desalination water plants, air conditioning, refrigeration, hot water, community lighting, and more

Extensive water management includes desalination, reverse osmosis conversion, and the use of collected rain and greywater for use in landscape irrigation


David V. Johnson, chairman of Victor International Corporation and the creative mastermind behind Oil Nut Bay, spent ten years touring the world in search of the perfect locale for his exclusive community of luxury homes to complement his developments in the United States. Enchanted by the character and stability of the British Virgin Islands, along with the privacy, security, and idyllic nature of the North Sound, Johnson selected Virgin Gorda as the home of Oil Nut Bay—the masterpiece of his career.


Johnson’s longtime legacy of building artfully designed developments and communities has culminated in his vision for Oil Nut Bay—a vision to create a development of luxury homes built in harmony with the natural beauty of the Caribbean. With forty years of industry-leading experience and forty development properties to his name, Johnson has brought Oil Nut Bay to life with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to maintain the environmental integrity of the land on which Oil Nut Bay sits. The fusion of exquisite architectural planning with the natural majesty of the island sets Oil Nut Bay apart from other developments and delineates it as a community that is unmatched in luxury in this part of the world.


Johnson is being recognized for pioneering over 43 luxury master-planned communities and resorts with a mission to form living and working environments in ecological harmony with the land.

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“He has the talent of finding that special touch for the end user, ahead of everything else, when making key decisions on his extraordinary projects. David has also spent a lifetime building the best developments and achieving extraordinary outcomes, all while putting community first. That is why he was selected for this special honor” says Bobby Taubman, co-chair of the ULI Michigan Lifetime Achievement Award and president, CEO, and chairman of Taubman Centers Inc., a luxury mall developer in Bloomfield Hills.

“David’s development philosophy allows his extraordinary team to explore ways to allow their communities to maximize the land’s natural beauty,” says Bobby Schostak, co-chair of the ULI Michigan Lifetime Achievement Award and CEO of MadDog Technology in Birmingham. “His commitment to sustainable development, combined with his unique instincts, makes him the ideal honoree for the coveted ULI Lifetime Achievement Award.”

David V. Johnson has made Oil Nut Bay his home, building his own personal residence on the island, and invites you to do the same in a place where everyday experiences become treasured lifetime memories.


At Oil Nut Bay our team of experts is on-site to ensure we attain and maintain our goals of a sustainable luxury resort development in keeping with the natural environment of Virgin Gorda. Furthermore, their on-site presence ensures our clients receive a service level of excellence commensurate with the development.

Our employees are at the core of the Oil Nut Bay experience. We invite you to join our friendly, energetic, and diverse team of professionals in providing the very best in service. We offer competitive compensation and benefits.

Jennifer Merriman

Vice President & Legal Counsel

Jennifer is responsible for all Victor International legal issues, including community documents, real estate closing, contractual agreements as well as the day-to-day operations of our Michigan office, Turtle Lake and Parks at Stonewood.

Mark Moore

Vice President, Director of
Purchasing & Logistics

Mark brings with him over 20 years experience with Victor International. He oversees purchasing, logistics and development as well as leads the architectural review boards for all Victor International properties.

Clyde Lettsome

Director of Governmental & Community
Affairs & Human resources

Clyde is responsible for all governmental and community relations for Victor BVI. He joined the team after 28 years with the Government of the British Virgin Islands, where he worked at various positions including Permanent Secretary for the Chief Minister and Department of Natural Resources and Labor.

Elliot Steer

Sales Director

Elliot joined the Oil Nut Bay sales team after spending over 5 years as the property’s Development Manager. His in-depth knowledge of the development’s infrastructure is a valuable asset as he builds relationships with new home owners.


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