Oil Nut Bay Community Gardens

Here at Oil Nut Bay, the greener, the better. In another effort to improve upon our already eco-friendly standards, we are proud to share our plans for Oil Nut Bay Community Gardens.

Composting has been a continuous process in preparation for planting the gardens for almost a full year now. It remains the focus of work for our gardening team as we move forward with our organic gardens project. Instead of disposing of leftover kitchen food scraps, home site clearings or seagrass, we are composting these materials in order to benefit the community and the well-being of our beautiful 400 acres.

Collecting clearings and brush, we move it through a chipper and let it break down into nutrient-rich soil. With time, a combination of coffee grounds, food scraps and other materials breaks down into more of that quality soil, perfect to utilize in our Oil Nut Bay Community Gardens project.

There are many benefits to composting. One of the main important aspects that keep us green at Oil Nut Bay is that we are actively reducing our carbon footprint. Along with lessening the amount of waste we have, we are reducing the amount of methane released into the air through the composting process. Also, the collection of these scraps creates healthier soil that is able to combat pests naturally and holds nutrients and water longer.

While we wait for our construction materials to move into our new Distribution Center, we are planting trial crops. On raised crop beds, we are learning what can flourish in our gardens at Oil Nut Bay. In addition to these trial crop beds, we already began planting our first phase of Caribbean fruit trees, including citrus, mango, sugar apple and tamarind.

The goal of this project is to create a functioning and thriving organic garden for community benefit. Not only will we use produce in our Beach Club Restaurant (and eventually our new casual dining restaurant at Marina Village), we hope that it adds an exciting opportunity for Homeowners that are eager to lend a hand.