A little about NovletteåÊHylton, Wait Staff at the Oil Nut Bay Beach Club.

Home country: Jamaica

Favorite food from your country: Saltfish and ackee. The dish is sautÌ©edåÊcod fish and boiled ackee, which is a starchy, fleshy fruit.


What do you like about your job?åÊThe satisfaction of knowing that I am providing the best service a guest can experience.

What do you like most about living on Virgin Gorda? It is quiet and has beautiful beaches.

What activities do you most enjoy in your free time?åÊReading and watching television.

What do you like about interacting with guests and homeowners?åÊThey are open with us and friendly.

What do you think makes Oil Nut Bay a great experience for guests and homeowners?åÊåÊThe food, the views, world class services and friendly staff.

If you have one tip to give people visiting ONB, what would it be? Explore and experience as much as you can, take it all in.