Home Site Of The Week: Boulder Site 1

We are happy to announce our third feature of Oil Nut Bay’s luxury real estate feature of the week. Biweekly, we highlight a particular home site available for purchase. For this feature, we selected Boulder Site 1, a private piece of Oil Nut Bay real estate with scenic views of the vast Caribbean Sea.

Located in the “Boulders,” one of our eight neighborhoods, this particular piece of BVI luxury real estate is a 5.4 acre / 21,853 square meter site. It is the largest in the Boulder Villa Neighborhood and a short ride away from the resort core. It is nearby the Atlantic Ridge Neighborhood and the new Oil Nut Bay Spa. It also has similar views to our infamous Cliff Suites and our newest venture, the Copper Villas.

Boulder Site 1 looks out at the azure Caribbean Sea and receives comfortable breezes. Facing southeastward, it’s an ideal spot for sitting back, sipping a fresh cup of coffee and watching the sunrise. During the many regattas that Virgin Gorda and the BVI host each year, you can catch yachts up to 200 feet in length throwing up their spinnakers and racing through your backyard. During February and March, you might be able to see the humpback whales breaching the water as they migrate by.

Given the higher placement on a hill and the dedicated green space nearby, it is a very private location for a custom villa. Boulder Site 1 sits at 225 feet above sea level and is suitable for a 3-5,000 square foot custom villa. The building envelope placement would be atop an already excavated hill. This being said, it is an ideal location for a villa with a landscaped green roof.

Each site at Oil Nut Bay is very unique and has a different feel from other pieces of luxury real estate. This site in particular, as it is located higher on a hill, looks out towards the Caribbean Sea and receives plentiful breezes. This home site fits with someone who values privacy, yet is willing to walk 5 minutes or take a short cart ride to the resort core. This truly is a spectacular and unique piece of Oil Nut Bay real estate.